Hey there, I’m Mark! I relocated from the UK to the US, worked in big tech, and learned how to optimize my investments to self-fund a career break.

I’ve created this site to help you improve your finances to build a better life. You don’t need to be a financial expert, you just need to be willing to learn.


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The only investment you need

On making a timeless investment choice to free your mind.

The financial independence checklist

Where are you on your journey to stress-free finances? Check out the checklist:

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The hidden costs of brokerage accounts

You’re paying taxes on your brokerage account every year – do you know the impact of it?

Are you ready for the next stock market crash?

Whether it’s tomorrow or ten years from now, your investments will drop at least 30% – are you ready to handle it?

Money Is Never The Goal

A reflection on my changing relationship with money and how it helped me become comfortable with my decision to leave Microsoft.

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